6 Tips For Hiring Your First Intern

Have you contemplated hiring your first intern, or creating an internship program for your business? Chances are if you have, you might be unsure of HOW to actually implement one. But we’re here to, as those interns say, “spill the tea”.

Whether you are looking for extra help during an event or to develop a pipeline of future talent, internships are a low-risk option for accomplishing those goals! Internships are no longer opportunities that consist of remedial tasks and getting coffee. They’ve turned into necessary seasons of obtaining real-world work experience and participating in real-time projects.

Interns are also an excellent way to affordably grow your business. If you’re needing to bring in help but aren’t sure that you have enough work for, or can afford, a part-time employee, an intern is a great alternative due to being a seasonal position. Having additional help for three to four months can be the catalyst that sets you up to be able to bring on your first hire (or allows you to hire your former intern in a part-time or full-time role). 

One myth we can bust when it comes to internship programs is that they only work in an office setting. We’ve seen successful internships on farms, ranches, feedlots, in direct-to-consumer farm/ranch sales, at horse training facilities, and in virtual/remote settings, just to name a few. When you hire interns, you are helping develop the next generation of the workforce.

We created a practical, downloadable guide for when you are ready to create and hire your first intern. Inside the guide, you will find six (6) actionable steps for when you’re developing your internship program.

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If you’re already committed to hiring an intern, don’t forget to grab our 5 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Job Description. It will help ensure you’re starting your program off with a killer description. That way you’ll be confident that you’re attracting the best candidates!

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