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March 3rd is National Employee Appreciation Day! This holiday is celebrated on the first Friday of March each year. If you don’t currently celebrate, let us tell you why you should and how you can show your employees how much they are appreciated. These ideas can (and should) be used all year long, not just on Employee Appreciation Day.

Employees are the greatest assets of each business, creating a strong foundation for its success. Your team members are oftentimes the first face or voice your customers see and speak to. They hold a lot of insight and power over the customer experience, so ensuring they are content and motivated is key! Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be an extravagant event and can be done in little ways every single day. 

Whether you lead a team of cowboys, accountants, farm hands, or sales people, showing your appreciation should be a top priority. Taking the time and effort to show those who work for you that they matter isn’t just a task for corporate America, but a task for all work environments. No matter the job title or industry, a little acknowledgement of a job well done never hurts. 

We reached out and asked our loyal followers on our Instagram to characterize some of their most influential bosses and also ways their employers made them feel appreciated. Their responses were immensely insightful and we felt what better way to share that information than doing so on the week of National Employee Appreciation Day! 

As an employer, you might already be doing these things and if that is the case, BRAVO! Continue leading in a way that empowers and uplifts your team and hopefully this resource can give you some new ideas! If you are new in a leadership role, this can provide you with some tips to start implementing in your day to day. Take a minute to read our most submitted responses and continue on the path to leading your team into success!

Qualities of an Influential Leader

  • Direct & Transparent Communication
  • Willing to Teach
  • Quality Listener
  • Team Player
  • Avoids Micromanaging
  • Trusting of their Team Members
  • Patient
  • Able to Give Constructive Feedback
  • Pushing their Team to Highest Potential

How to Make Employees Feel Appreciated

  • A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way.
  • Providing a meal every once in a while. 
  • Well earned raises.
  • Allowing them to fuel up their vehicle at the ranch occasionally.
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant/coffee shop/store.
  • Investing in their personal development.
  • Giving them credit when credit is due. 
  • Allowing them to have a few afternoons off in the slower seasons. 
  • A new pair of work boots, gloves, or tack. 
  • Remembering a birthday and acknowledging it, even if it is just a ‘Happy Birthday.’
  • Letting them lead a project, task, or event they showed interest in.
  • Acknowledging your appreciation when they go out of their way to complete a task.
  • “Job well done.”
  • Sharing a job well done with upper management/company leadership.

If your team hasn’t completed a free personality test, such as Meyers Briggs/16 Personalities, Enneagram, or the 5 Love Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, now would be a great time. Each of those tests allow you to know more about the people you work with, how they handle conflict, and how they react to different types of leadership styles. When used effectively these tests can lead to a more cohesive workplace, increased productivity, better teamwork, more communication, and overall happier employees.

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