Of The West Offering Free Internship Listings

Of The West is excited to announce that we are offering FREE internship listings for employers starting September 1st and going through the end of the year (December 31, 2023)!

We believe internship opportunities are pivotal to the development and growth of young professionals and we want to help our Of The West users be able to access the best internship opportunities across agriculture and the western industries. We also want employers within our industries to be able to find the best talent to participate in their internship opportunities. That is why we are offering ALL ag + western employers the ability to list their internship on Of The West for FREE! 

If you are new to offering an internship, we’ve got some great resources on the site to help you get started. Even if you are a veteran when it comes to managing interns, these resources might give you new ideas you can start implementing! Find those FREE resources listed below.

Event-Focused Internships

Onboarding Your Intern

6 Tips for Hiring Your First Intern 

The future of our industries rests in the hands of this next generation, so providing them with internship opportunities will play a huge part in their growth as young professionals who go on to ensure that American agriculture and the western industry is alive and well. When you list your internship on Of The West you can be sure it will be seen by thousands of passionate, eager, and quality candidates that are just as invested in your industry’s future as you. 

To list your internship for free, select a “Basic” job package from the site, and use the code FREEINTERNSHIP at checkout. Internship applications must be accepted through Of The West and applicants cannot be directed to another site to apply, otherwise the internship listing will be removed. As always, your internship will be live on the site for 30 days, or until the job’s closing date, whichever is soonest. 

To get started putting your internship opportunity on Of The West, click here! 

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