Making a Career Shift

Determining you want to make a career shift can be a scary move, and we can’t tell you it’s a simple one, but we can definitely say it’s attainable! We are going to break down below some strategies you can use when you are ready to pack up your saddle and move on to the next career adventure!

Figuring Out Your Why and Getting Educated

The very first step you want to take when deciding to make a career transition is really figuring out why you are wanting to make that change. In our most recent webinar, Strengthening Your Future Self, the question about making a career shift came up and our guest, Jeff Jones, CFO of Twisted X, had great insight. He talked about how you should be prepared to communicate with employers why you are making this change and express your passion for this new position. It can’t be because you think this new job “sounds fun.” There needs to be sound reasoning that you can communicate when beginning your shift. 

Jeff also mentioned how if you want to go in a different career direction, get educated on what it is you are wanting to do. Be well-versed in that job, the sector, and the industry. That doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school, but it means you have real knowledge and insight into what it is you want to do. Think of it like research. You are trying to find out and absorb as much information as possible about that new career.

Growing Your Network

Growing your network in this new sector or industry will be extremely helpful in getting started and growing in that career. Depending on what sector you are wanting to work in there are multiple different ways to grow your network. You can attend events, reach out to people via LinkedIn, 

Showcasing Your Transferrable Skills

When you are ready to start applying for those new positions, you are going to want to showcase your transferable skills since you won’t have a ton of industry-specific experience. 

Many employers nowadays (but not all) are looking for a skillset rather than a specific degree, so you will want to focus on the skills you possess that CAN transfer to this new career. If you’ve spent years in the retail industry, you probably have good customer service and communication skills. If you have a lot of experience on the farm/ranch, you are more than likely a good multi-tasker and have a strong work ethic. Think about the skills you have and figure out ways they will help you in your new career! 

Be Prepared to Start From the Ground Up

Now this isn’t going to be easy to hear, but you need to be prepared to take a step back to a lower position and possibly face some rejections. But just be reminded that it is possible, and all you need is one person to take a chance on you. Jeff articulated it well in our webinar by saying “Whatever you’ve been doing doesn’t always translate into what you want to do.” This career move can’t always be a lateral one. What this will do though is show you are committed to this new path and this career move, so stay the course and it will help shape your future!

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