How to Write a Cover Letter that Impresses your Future Employer

How to write a cover letter | Of The West

You’ve found the perfect job, you’ve spruced up your resume, and you’re ready to apply. The only thing holding you back is that dreaded cover letter. We know, it’s hard enough to talk about yourself, let alone write a formal letter about why you’re the best person for the job. But we’re here to give you the down-low on how to write a cover letter that’s so good, that your application will make it to the top of the pile. 

Let’s break down why cover letters are so important. The main goal of your cover letter is to introduce yourself to the employer and give them more insight into you and how your experiences and skills align with the role. First things first, make sure you are tailoring your cover letter for every position you are applying for! This is important because all positions will require different skills and qualifications (regardless of if the positions have the same job title), so you want to make sure you are relating yours back to the position you are applying to. To do this, you will need to do your research on the company and the position to know exactly what they are looking for. Now that your homework is complete, let’s get to the bread and butter of how to write your cover letter. 

You will want to begin all of your cover letters with a header that includes your name and contact information as well as the receiver’s name and information. If you don’t have a customized header that you use for your cover letters and resumes, you can always use the traditional heading. You can see an example below!

Cover Letter Example

Your name
Your address
City, State Postal code

Recipients name
Recipients address
City, State Postal code

Moving into your introductory paragraph, this is your opportunity to grab the employer’s attention. Offer up specific information about how you are a fit for the position and how you would excel. You can also mention how or where you heard about the job (i.e. Of The West)!

Your second paragraph should focus heavily on your experience and how you will use that in this new position. This is not a copy of your resume! This is where you provide more detail about what is on your resume. Highlight your successes in past roles, accomplishments, and how you handled difficult situations. Convince the employer they want to hire you!

The third paragraph should showcase your knowledge of the company and that you understand their needs. Highlight your goals and how they relate to the position and the company’s mission. They need to see that you have a good understanding of not only the company but also the culture!

Lastly, add in that call to action. Let them know that you are interested in an interview and the best way to reach you. You will also want to summarize everything you mentioned above, but you want to show you are proactive and you are ready to set up an interview, call, or Zoom.

Now that you have promoted yourself and detailed how their company will benefit by hiring you, close that letter with a thank you, sincerely or yours truly, and sign that masterpiece! 

By following these guidelines your cover letter will never be lacking in professionalism and a good bit of self-promotion.

Ready to find your dream job so you can practice your newfound cover letter writing skills? Make sure to create your free job seeker profile on Of The West, and upload your resume to our Resume Database—that way employers can find YOU!  Good luck in the job hunt, friends!

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