How To Navigate Your Next Step

Left to right: Amanda Shaffer, Jessie Jarvis, Taylor Folkman

When you are getting ready to enter the workforce or graduate college, you are filled with excitement and eager to transition into this new chapter of your life. This moment is usually paired with a lot of questions, too. Questions like: How do I get experience? What is it that employers want in a new employee? How do I nail the interview? Well, Of The West wanted to answer these questions for you and help make this transition easier, so we are hosting a free 60-minute webinar on ‘How To Navigate Your Next Step!’

With part Of The West’s mission being to strengthen the workforce within the ag + western industry, we thought what better way to help our future leaders than to give them exclusive time with industry professionals who have been on all sides of the job search process. The webinar attendees will be joined by Jessie Jarvis, Of The West Founder, Amanda Shaffer, V.P. of Business Development for Smarty Roping, and Taylor Folkman, Human Resource Coordinator for Beef Northwest Feeders. Through advice, suggestions, and first-hand experiences, attendees will gain a wealth of knowledge from these three women about how to take on their own job search process.

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Getting clear on your future can be a daunting task, so don’t go at it alone! Join us on November 16, 2022, at 6:00 P.M. MST, and learn how to navigate your next step with purpose! To sign up, click here. To learn more about Jessie, Amanda, and Taylor, read their bios below!

Jessie Jarvis 

Jessie was born and raised on her family’s cattle ranch in Southern Idaho, which at an early age, instilled in her the importance of a strong work ethic, and a deep appreciation for the American West. 

In addition to her lifelong involvement raising cattle, Jessie has had over a decade’s worth of experience in print and digital media, both writing for and producing various agriculture and western fashion publications, as well as freelancing in ag and western communications.

As someone who has been on all sides of the spectrum—as a job seeker, a business owner, someone looking for various service providers, and as a freelancer—Jessie deeply understands the obstacles one must navigate when job hunting or looking to hire for employment or project purposes in the west.

Jessie’s proudest accomplishment(s) in life is that of her family—her husband Justin, her son, Jhett, and baby girl, Jaxyn.

Amanda Shaffer

Amanda Shaffer grew up in New Mexico, traveling all over and competing in rodeos where she developed a love for the sport and the athletes. After graduating from West Texas A&M she has held the title of Marketing Assistant, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Director of Rodeo Marketing, and her current title of Vice President of Business Development with Smarty Roping. 

Because of her passion for the sport and involvement in rodeo, she wants to extend her expertise and experience to continue growing her network and become allies with all of those who have the same passion while impacting lives that pave the way for other young rodeo athletes to live the dream.

Taylor Folkman 

Taylor Folkman has always loved the beef industry but never expected to work in Human Resources. She attended Oregon State University for three years, before transferring to Eastern Oregon University through the EOU/OSU campus where she earned a degree in Agriculture Sciences with a minor in Animal Science. 

The summer before her junior year Taylor was an administrative intern for Beef Northwest Feeders and worked part-time during her senior year of college at the North Powder office. After graduation, Taylor accepted a full-time position with Beef Northwest Feeders working with social media & human resources. 

For the past four years, she’s been an HR Coordinator and is able to truly combine her creativity, and passion for leadership and agriculture. The most rewarding part of her job working in Human Resources is recruiting good people who end up making a positive impact through their work and then getting to work alongside these hires.

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