How to Ace Your Job Interview

You’ve used Of The West to find your dream job, you’ve applied, and you’ve been asked to interview – woohoo! Being called for an interview is already such a win because that means you have set yourself apart from other candidates with your resume and application, so kudos to you. But the hiring process does not stop there. Now it’s time to ace your interview! Whether you have had multiple job interviews or only one, there always seems to be a set of nerves that sets in. These nerves are normal! The key is not letting the nerves take over. In this blog, we are going to help you overcome those nerves, set yourself up for success, and ultimately, land the job with these 5 interview strategies!

Confirm the Time/Date/Location of the Interview

The day before your interview, contact the employer to confirm your interview date, time, and location. Not only will this confirm everything for you and serve as a reminder for the employer, but it also shows your enthusiasm for the interview. This goes for in-person, phone, and video-call interviews! 

*Extra tip: If you are having a video-call interview, test the video-call platform beforehand! Ensure you won’t have any technical issues because that will only make you flustered and those nerves worse.

Be Early & Treat Everyone Equally

Now you don’t want to show up too early (the long wait can get a little awkward), but it is never a bad idea to be at least 10-15 minutes early for your in-person interview. This will give you time to find the correct location, use the bathroom, and have a deep breath before the interview begins! For phone and video-call interviews this isn’t as big of a deal, but we would still recommend logging on at least a couple of minutes before to ensure your sound and video are working.

Treating everyone you come in contact with equally is incredibly important! You never know who might be interacting with, so treating everyone with respect and kindness is crucial. Whether it is the person you are riding the elevator with, the janitor you run into in the hallway, or the receptionist at the front desk, you need to treat everyone like they’re the CEO. 

Be Prepared

If you’ve followed the strategies above you will be prepared to enter the interview room calmly, but we also want you to be prepared for the interview itself! 

First things first, have a good understanding of the position you’re interviewing for and the company. This shows you are interested, have done your research, and want the position. Even do a little research on the person who is interviewing you. This will help you build a relationship with that person and leave an impression on them!

Secondly, you can probably guess some of the questions that will be asked. Be prepared with answers for those! General interview questions like: “Tell us about yourself.” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “Why do you want this position?” “How would you describe your leadership style?” (if a leadership position). If they don’t ask these questions, that’s no sweat off your back, and if they do, you’ve already got answers!

Thirdly, have questions of your own! We know you’ve heard this sentiment before but you are also interviewing the company/employer. You can ask questions about the culture of the company/business, specific questions about the position duties, who you would report to, etc. Again, this shows interest! And you can determine if the position is truly a fit for you.

Have Confidence

This is your reminder that if you’ve gotten asked for an interview, you deserve to be there! They want to hire you. They aren’t asking you for an interview to find everything wrong with you. Be confident and talk about your achievements, speak about what you’ve done well at your previous jobs – be your own hype man! It’s ok to be nervous, but don’t let that hinder your confidence in yourself and your ability to do the job!


The interview is done, you’ve shaken all the hands, and you’re headed home. Now you can really take a deep breath! One last thing that can be the cherry on top of a great interview is the follow-up. The day after your interview, just send a thank you to the employer letting them know you enjoyed the interview and meeting/chatting with them. This can sometimes be viewed as old school, but it will never be a bad look to thank the interviewer for their time!

Extra Advice:

  • Dress for the job you want. 
  • It never hurts to have a snack before heading into the interview. 
  • It’s ok to pause and think about your answers. 
  • Remember your body language. Be welcoming and engaged!
  • Never talk negatively about current/past employers. If asked why you left you can always say “it was no longer a fit for me” and follow that with how the new position will be a better fit.

Our resume resource helped you to land an interview, now we’ve set you up to ace that interview! If you’re ready to put these skills to use, find your new job on Of The West!

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