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Events in the agriculture and western industries are paramount! They are used to bring together the people of these two industries and foster community and conversation. Whether it be a rodeo, stock show, convention, or western sport competition, they all play into growing and showcasing our industries. This is why Event Managers are needed in ag and western. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the duties of an event manager, the types of jobs you can expect to find, and how you can start your event manager career.

Responsibilities of an Event Manager

From a birds-eye view, an event manager’s responsibility is to plan an event from start to finish. Breaking that down means you need to understand everything the event will entail. This is creating (and sticking to) a budget, hiring staff, meeting and sourcing vendors, overseeing all event promotions, managing staff, coordinating all activities during the event, and analyzing the success of the event once it is complete. These responsibilities require someone who is organized, a good communicator, able to negotiate, and a team player. 

How to Become an Event Manager

‘Event Management’ isn’t usually something you can major in while in school. If becoming an Event Manager is your career goal obtaining a degree in general business, leadership, or business management is ideal. Also, having knowledge of finance is important as events have to be financially successful in order to operate, and the degrees mentioned above often touches on this topic. You can also acquire professional certifications through programs like the Certified Meeting Professional Program and the Certified Special Events Professional Program.

Finding an Event Manager Job

First things first, if you want to be an event manager you need to be receiving job alerts for ‘event manager’ positions on Of The West. This will ensure you are never missing an opportunity. Go to the site, create your Job Seeker profile, and customize those alerts in your dashboard. Secondly, internships are major in the events industry. Not only will they help introduce you to professionals in the field, but they will give you first-hand experience of working for and on events. Many stock shows and rodeos offer internships, so don’t pass on those opportunities! 

Different Types of Event Manager Jobs

Event managers are a need in many different areas of the ag + western industries. Retail brands, like Panhandle Western Wear and Rock and Roll Denim, employ event managers to coordinate pop-up stores and booths at rodeos, stock shows, trade shows, and markets. 

Do you want to work on one big event, every single year? Livestock shows might be your jam! Livestock show organizations, like The Western Stock Show Association, oftentimes have multiple different event managers for all elements of the entire show. You might find a livestock show manager, equine manager, trade show manager, and more. These positions will manage and coordinate one area of the overall event. If you want the opportunity to put on multiple different types of events you can find positions at an event venue such as your county event center or area fairgrounds. 

If the western sports and equine industry is where you want to be the opportunities are endless! Event career opportunities within equine organizations, like the National Cutting Horse Association, will usually be around helping put on their different competitions throughout the year. Western sports associations also have packed yearly event calendars where the position of an event manager is necessary. No matter what area of the ag + western event industry you want to be in, we promise there is a career opportunity for you. 

Events to Attend

To become a successful event manager it is important to attend events outside of those you are working/putting on. While you are attending those events you should make mental notes of what works at other places, and what does not, the different types of venues, the logistics of the event, etc. This is going to help ensure that the events you as an event manager put on are top of the line!

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