Career Spotlight: Equine Jobs

Career Spotlight: Equine Jobs

If you want to work in the equine industry, you are lucky because there is an immense amount of opportunity! The equine industry isn’t just composed of trainers and breeders, but a multitude of other career paths. In this blog post, we are going to break down a few different jobs you can pursue within the equine industry!

Equine Dentist

As an equine dentist, your main responsibility is to diagnose, treat, and maintain the health of a horse’s teeth and mouth. These professionals do this through different methods such as rasping or floating where you remove sharp points and edges from cheek teeth, teeth extractions, giving the teeth a bit seat where they round the teeth so the bit sits more comfortably, and any other procedures needed for oral care and abnormality prevention. To become an equine dentist one must complete formal education, but the requirements vary from state to state.

Event Manager

Events are major in the equine industry. From shows, competitions, rodeos, trade shows, and association conferences, event managers are crucial to the success of these events. In this role, you are responsible for the planning, coordinating, and execution of the event. These professionals usually have to also manage a team that works with them. 

Equine Science Instructor/Professor

Do you have a love for teaching and horses? This career option might be for you! Equine science covers a broad range of topics around the horse. Depending on your specialty area, you could teach anatomy and physiology, breeding, animal handling, plus so much more. If you plan to become an equine science instructor/professor you must obtain a formal education and often times that includes a Master’s degree.

Equine Vet Tech

An equine vet tech works hand in hand with an equine veterinarian. Equine vet techs perform duties such as checking the vitals of the horse, assisting during surgeries, preparing and giving shots, giving x-rays and ultrasounds, and other general functions. To become an equine vet tech one must have formal education, complete a vet tech program, and become credentialed in your state.

The career options we mentioned above are far from the only career paths in the equine industry. Our partners at the American Quarter Horse Association have broken down 29 more! If you want to see those jobs, click here.

If you are ready to start the equine job hunt and possibly even find jobs with the AQHA, head to Of The West!

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