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The story of ag + western is wide-ranging and it is important for these two industries to have individuals who can properly tell these stories. Ag Communications professionals are the individuals we are talking about. Not only is the story of ag + western wide-ranging, but so is the ag communications field. Between branding, design, writing, editing, photography, and many other responsibilities, these folks hold a skill set necessary for growing awareness around our industries. As social media and digital marketing continue to grow, and people’s attention spans shrink,  it is important for there to be people in this profession. If you’ve ever considered an ag communications job, keep reading! We are going to break down what ag communication professionals do, what types of positions they hold, and how you can pursue this career path. 

What is ‘Ag Communications’?

Ag communication is a profession that focuses on communicating the story of the agriculture and western industries. The professionals in this field are tasked with spreading information and increasing awareness around farming, ranching, rural life/issues, animal health/care, policy, and the people who do all of this work. The audiences they work to reach are consumers, other individuals within the industries, legislators and government officials, industry organizations, and children. They do this by writing articles/stories/blog posts, creating magazines, developing marketing materials, photography and videography, and so much more. 

How to Become an Ag Comms Professional

Most careers within the ag communications field do require formal education. If you decide you want to pursue an ag communications career, some colleges offer agricultural communications as a degree. Courses you can expect to take are technical writing, layout and design, marketing, campaigns, and basic photography. If an agricultural communications degree is not available, you can major in communications, marketing, or another related field. One thing you will want to keep in mind when pursuing a career in ag communications is how beneficial internships can be. Internships will allow you to ‘try on’ certain parts of your career as well as build your professional network. Both of these will help when you are ready to enter the job force! If you want to know how to make the most out of your internship, visit our 11 Tips to Make the Most Of Your Internship.

Different Types of Ag Comms Jobs

There is a great variety of ag communications jobs, especially now with the growth of social media and digital marketing. There are positions that are niche, where the professional focuses on one specific area like video production, and there are some that are broad where the professional focuses on multiple different areas like writing, designing, and photography. Ag communication professionals are needed within big companies/organizations and also smaller, more boutique businesses. Job titles can be Communications Specialist, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Communications Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Video Production Specialist, and more along the same lines. 

Events to Attend

Agricultural Media Summit

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Professional Development Conference

Ag Communications Jobs on Of The West

If you are ready to apply for an ag communications job through Of The West, check these out!

Communications Coordinator – Lincoln, NE

Video Production Specialist – Mt. Pleasant, TX

Sr. Marketing Executive – Hurst, TX

Director of Marketing – Amarillo, TX

Account Executive – Amarillo, TX

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