An Industry United Behind Agriculture Jobs

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A trending audio clip from Mike Rowe says that 1.5% of the country is feeding 333 million people, three times a day. When you sit down and really think about that statistic, that’s incredible. The impact that agriculture jobs have on our country is absolutely massive! Of The West recognizes the importance of agriculture jobs, along with jobs in the western industry. As many of us in agriculture are aware, our industries are up against some tough battles. The first is the public’s negative, inaccurate perception of the industry, unaware of the impact agriculture has on their daily lives. The second is an increasingly smaller percentage of people who are for feeding the world. 

The impact of agriculture and a smaller number of people involved, both hinge on one thing…JOBS! Jobs play a critical role in the future of agriculture and western industries. Without them, our industries would cease to exist. This is exactly why Of The West is determined to bring more awareness to our industries as a whole; along with more awareness to the opportunities within them. 

You’ll see Of The West heavily focusing on two messages that share the role and impact of agriculture jobs. We encourage the public to take part in sharing these same messages. Here’s more about our push to create a movement behind agriculture jobs.

My Job Makes An Impact

The work of the people in the ag + western industries is invaluable – no matter what sector or vocation. #MyJobMakesAnImpact is to remind people who have chosen to work in these industries of the impact they have. Every single job in ag + western is vital to the success of our industries as a whole. From raising and producing crops and livestock to marketing those products to lobbying on their behalf, each job is a piece to the bigger puzzle that is the ag industry.

We can also use this piece of the campaign to educate the public about the ag + western industries. Not only how important they are, but the hard work that happens within them. The salt-of-the-earth people who work within these industries don’t just show up to work and go home. They show up to work and uphold hundreds of years of traditions. They show up to work with a fire burning to preserve American Agriculture and the western way of life. A lot of messaging is happening around ag + western right now. Let’s remind ourselves and our country of the impact and importance of our industries.

Come Back To Ag

When we think about that statistic above and that 1.5% we immediately think of our farmers and ranchers – as we should – but what about all of the other jobs that work within our agriculture industry? The other people whose jobs help our country’s producers? These may be described as not “on-the-ground” jobs but they are just as important. Vocations like accountants, IT professionals, web developers, human resource professionals, salespeople, and so many more that help our industry survive and grow. These professionals aren’t what you would think of as a “traditional” ag job but they’re integral in preserving the ag + western industry. We want to encourage those who have chosen these different career paths to #ComeBacktoAg.  

This piece of the campaign is to inspire people with ties to the ag + western industries to follow their passions, whatever those might be, and ultimately come back to ag. Go out in the world and earn your degrees, acquire a trade, and hone your skills in your chosen profession. Be observant and learn how the rest of the world does things. Then bring all of that knowledge back to our industries! Don’t choose between your dream career and the industry you are passionate about because you CAN have both. If you love numbers and balance sheets, there is a place for you in ag. Enjoy cybersecurity? There is a place for you in ag. Want to work in policy and government affairs? There is a place for you in ag.

The ag + western industries are extremely diverse and we need people with diverse skills to continue helping us flourish. As our country continues to grow, the ag + western industries are more important than ever. We need more professionals who love these industries to #ComeBacktoAg.

An Industry United Behind Agriculture Jobs

The team at Of The West is going to continue on our mission of strengthening the workforce and ensuring that American agriculture and all aspects of our beloved western industries are alive and well. We encourage you all to also take part in that mission by sharing both #MyJobMakesAnImpact and #ComeBackToAg when talking about our industries and your very significant role within them. Our industries need all of the unity, support, and positive touchpoints they can get, and it takes all of us to make that happen!

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