7 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

7 Mistakes to Avoid on the Job Hunt

Being on the job search can be taxing but it can also be really exciting thinking about your next chapter of life! Your friends here at Of The West have been in your shoes. All of your shoes. Whether you’ve just graduated and looking for the perfect job to start your professional career, or life threw a wrench in your plans and you are looking for a fresh start. We’ve been there and we want to help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make while job hunting!

Applying for Anything & Everything

Job hunting mistakes, number one. It’s so easy to jump into the job search without a plan and apply to everything you see available. If you’re making the transition between jobs or looking for your first professional gig, the feeling of needing a job immediately is overwhelming. Take a step back, really evaluate your qualifications, and get a clear idea of what you want. Only apply to jobs you actually want and are a good fit for you! Narrowing down your search and honing in on what you want will leave you with more time to spend on perfecting those applications.

Taking the Easy Way Out

Job hunting mistakes, number two. Every single job application is unique and employers have reasons for asking for certain information. If you are in the middle of applying for multiple jobs, we get how taxing it can be but don’t skip a step or leave out information. If you can’t follow the directions of the job application, employers won’t have confidence that you can fulfill the needs of the position! Apply with care. Read the job description and application instructions carefully, ensuring you checked every box they’ve asked for! 

Not Updating & Tailoring Your Resume

Job hunting mistakes, number three. When employers open up a job application and generic resume, with years-old information, it exhibits a lack of passion and makes it hard to envision the applicant. Anytime you are getting ready to start the job hunt, update your resume to its most current status. A good rule of thumb is to not have anything on your resume that is older than five years! Another good habit to practice is tailoring your resume to each position you are applying to. Read the job description and make sure you add any skills you have that relate directly to that job. This is hard work, but this goes back to not applying to anything and everything and having a plan! If you take the time to customize your resume and applications, we promise it will pay off!

Not Utilizing Your Online Presence

Job hunting mistakes, number four. Just like we said in our How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage in the Job Hunt blog post, your social media profiles are almost like a very public resume. Use this to your advantage! You can almost guarantee that employers will Google you when your application comes through, so what do you want them to see? Keep your social media profiles updated and professional so that when those employers go searching, they like what they see!

Being Unprepared for the Interview

Job hunting mistakes, number five. Walking into a job interview unprepared is an easy way to kiss that position goodbye! Before the interview, research the company, inform yourself as much as possible, and create a list of questions to ask them. When you show up (maybe a few minutes early) in your professional outfit, with your list of questions ready to go is a great look as an applicant! 

Not Using Your Network

Job hunting mistakes, number six. If you aren’t turning to your network when you start your job search you’re missing out on possible job opportunities. This is one of the reasons you grow and foster your professional network is to be able to turn to them when your job hunt ensues. Reach out to your connections, let them know you are looking for a position, and you never know what opportunities might come knocking at your door! If you need help growing and fostering your network, check out our Professional Networking 101 blog!

Forgetting the Follow Up

Job hunting mistakes, number seven. Don’t forget to follow up after an interview or conversation with an employer, even if it didn’t go completely as planned. Following up with a “thank you for your time” is a great way to show you are grateful for the opportunity and the time they took out of their day to speak with you. This can definitely help you stand out in a crowded candidate pool!

Now that you are fully equipped to enter the job hunt, head to Of The West and see all of the jobs open within the ag + western industries. Don’t forget to create your Job Seeker profile and add that updated resume so when you’re ready to apply, it’s that much quicker!

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