5 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer

Summertime is often times people’s favorite time of year! So many fun activities are taking place all the time, you’ve got vacations, and warm weather, but work doesn’t stop. Whether you are working on a farm/ranch, in a corporate office, or you office at home, staying productive can be difficult. Of The West is here to give you simple tactics that you can implement into your daily routine that will help keep you productive during summer, and be able to soak up some sun, free from any work guilt!

Have Clear Objectives

Summertime is busy for everyone! Between traveling, rodeos, sports activities, camps, and everyday chores, making sure your work is staying on track can be difficult. Having clear objectives for all of your work projects will help you stay on course to completing those projects and goals. Take your project, determine everything needed to be done for it to be completed, break that into objectives and start checking those off one by one. Before you know it, summer will be over and you’re work will have never suffered! 

Plan Out Your Weeks

If you aren’t already planning out your weeks, start now! This strategy is a total game-changer. This makes you more accountable to your tasks and makes your days, and weeks, overall more productive. “What if I don’t always get my tasks done?” That will happen sometimes but by planning out your weeks and knowing what was accomplished and what wasn’t, you’ll know what tasks need to be added to the week ahead! 

Stay Organized

Nothing will make it easier to stay productive than being organized. And organized can look different to everyone! Staying organized in your own personal way will help you keep clear on your objectives, make it easier to plan out your weeks, and you guessed it – stay productive!

Make Sure to Get Time Outside

What is it that we all love about summer? The weather! Well, for warm weather lovers at least. Take time to get outside and get some sunshine on your face and fresh air in your lungs! Take your lunch outside, take a walking break outside, or just head out for a few minutes. Summer is meant to be enjoyed and giving yourself time outside will create a happier work self and in turn, more productive.

Celebrate All Wins

Celebrating wins is always important but especially in times of low productivity. Reminding yourself and your team that you are moving the needle towards your goals not only heightens productivity but creates an environment of success!

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