5 Tips for Writing An Outstanding Job Description

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Are you ready to start attracting the best candidates? Make sure you’re starting out by writing an outstanding job description!

It sounds so easy, but let us tell you from experience…it’s not. We see countless jobs come through Of The West, and at least 80% of them are missing pertinent information that’s keeping the right candidate from applying. Trust us, we’ve seen it all, including job descriptions without any contact or application information. How are you going to bring in your business’s next best asset, if you don’t tell them how to apply?!

Your job description is the foundation of who you’re recruiting, and it’s used long after you’ve made your hire. A job description helps to guide your new employee through the onboarding process. It provides them clarity within their role, and ultimately helps to retain them within your business. See what we mean?! A little extra time spent writing a strong description will save you so much time, and money, down the road. 

We want you to start attracting the BEST of the BEST candidates. So, we put together a download of five (5) easy steps to follow when writing an outstanding job description. We also added a sample job description, so you can visualize the whole enchilada (or just copy ours for yourself), and included a word bank to help you get creative with explaining what types of abilities and experience a candidate needs.

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